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Tenda FH1202 High Power Wireless Dual-band Router

Barrier-free Connectivity
Breaks free from barriers with 5x5dBi antennas and high powered amplifiers to give you complete connectivity in your home or business for better reception at ultimate range.
Reliable WiFi Connections
Simultaneous dual-band to maximise throughput and help avoid network interference, ensuring stable and reliable wireless performance.
Next Generation WiFi
5G WiFi technology brings a new level of combined speeds--up to 900Mbps (5GHz)+300Mbps (2.4GHz), ideal for HD streaming and online gaming.
Energy Efficiency
Next Generation WiFi technology offers six times more power efficiency than conventional wireless N chipsets. So when your 11ac-powered mobile devices connect to the router, it reduces power consumption, and you'll be able to go longer between battery recharges without sacrificing data transfer.