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Mission & Vision

Vision: To be a globally respected company from Bangladesh by blending human and technology competence for enterprise value creation.

Mission: Infinity Network Solutions is dedicated to providing honest, professional, innovative and cost effective Computer Networking Support & Information Technology Consulting to ensure an the ultimate success of our clients businesses.

Tenda products include home networking, business networking, switch, broadband CPE, gateway, powerlines, mobile broadband, IP camera etc. Excellent performance, steady signal, easy use and installation, top quality with competitive price are the common features of all Tenda products.

South bangle computer's corporate policy and values

  • Commitment to innovation and improvement to ensure value creation for clients.
  • Surpass customer expectation for on time delivery within budget
  • Strive constantly to improve ourselves, our teams, our services and products.
  • Promote an environment where fresh ideas and creativity are nurtured and where opportunity is the impetus for success of our employees.